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Motel Policies.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us at Belle-Aire Motel.

Below are our motel policies and procedures; please read them carefully. As our motel guests, by renting a room, you agree to abide by our rules and policies. I also agree to the Hotel Deposit Policy. 

Check-out is at 10:30 AM. If you require a later checkout, please go to the Office before 10 AM on the day of departure, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. A charge of $20 every hour after 10:30 AM will be applied for uninformed late checkout or late payments. Note: Office Hours are 9 AM to 10 PM. A charge of $20 for Off-Hours Service will be applied. Your key is only programmed up to the check-out time.  Your room key is only programmed up the checkout time.

The office closes between 12-1 pm and 6-8 pm at 10 PM but we may close earlier without notice. If you have any issues, concerns or comments let us know within 10 mins of your check-in so we can do our best to accommodate your request or issue a refund depending on the condition of the room. We cannot resolve issues during or after checkout.  


Room service- 10 AM to 12 PM only. NO SERVICE on Weekends.   Our standards are as follows:  trash emptied from the trash can daily, towels replaced every 2 days, sheets changed weekly. Do not come to the office for room service before or after the service time; additional services require an extra fee. Note: Rooms are sold “as is”. ***This hotel turns off AC and lights when no one is inside the room and does not use trash bags or plastic cups. ***NO COOKING inside the room***  

NO VISITORS: Each additional person will need to be registered with an ID & pay $10 before entering the room. Undeclared/Unregistered extra guest(s) in the room(s) will result in an extra $50 charge per person or will be asked to check out with no money back; no keys will be provided for any undeclared guests. In case the key is misplaced or lost, only registered guests with valid identification will be issued a key or allowed access to the room. 

NO SMOKING: A $150.00 fee will be applied for any odor or evidence of smoking. Stay 20 feet away from buildings. A $100.00 fee will be applied for UNDECLARED PETS.  Note: Pets must be on a leash at all times. We reserve the right to send your information to Collection Agencies if any of the extra fees are not paid due to damages including;  smoking in the room,  having extra unregistered guests, pets, and/or if the card declines after we try to charge the card on file.

Belle-Aire Motel enforces a NO PARTY POLICY to ensure we can protect our motel and our customers at all times. In the event of a disturbance, one warning will be given. If this warning or the above rules are not followed, the customer will be asked to leave with no money back. Note: Do not honk, play loud music, repair any sort of vehicle or perform an oil change at this property. 


The Management and/or Belle-Aire Motel does not take responsibility for your health and safety or the loss of valuables left in the room or car. Belle Aire Motel disinfects and takes extra precautions to help minimize viral and bacterial load per CDC guidelines. You agree that you are solely responsible and liable for your own health and safety including your guest(s). 

The hotel reserves all rights to refuse service to any guests of the motel who do not follow or comply with motel policies. Guest(s) will be held responsible for any damage to motel property caused by themselves, their friend(s), or any person(s).

I authorize Belle-Aire Motel to charge the appropriate amount to my payment card or to keep the deposit for any incidentals, theft, damages, or extra deep cleaning. Guests shall keep the Hotel room in a good condition and maintain hygiene and cleanliness. If a refund is issued via card and/or cash a refund processing fee of 8 dollars will be added. If you need to modify your reservation let us know 24 hours before your checkout date. 

The management and/or Belle-Aire Motel reserves itself the right to add, alter, or amend any of the above terms, conditions, and rules.


 A 3% transaction fee will be charged for any credit/debit/gift cards for every transaction.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more are available in the rooms but you will need to have your own logins to be able to watch these streaming services, the motel does not provide these services, only the apps are enabled for the guest to watch.


Source : innofthemountaingods-hotel-policies


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